Friday, May 17, 2013

RC Combat

We have been flying RC Combat. Flat foam airplanes that are cheap, with a streamer on the back that your opponents try to cut with their prop. I would like to include some information on this for those interested. We have been flying combat missions the last two Tuesdays. The design of the plane that we have been using is called the "fast and furious". It is built using foam from the "Dollar tree" store for $1 per sheet. The power pack comes from Hobby Partz website and costs $25 for the motor, speed control and servos.

Plans for fast and Furious 1 PDF

Plans for fast and Furious 2 - PDF

Dynam power kit under $25

Now here is the trick for those who need step by step help.  build this plane with plans, and a youtube video to back you up.

-----------Original email with information Thanks to Steve L.  for getting this information  ----------

Fellow UFO-ers, I'd love to be able to fly more combat this year! Can we fly combat tomorrow (Tue) evening at the field? The weather forcast shows a slight decrease in the winds, so it should be possible. At the least, I'll bring my one plane that is still flyable. If anyone wants to talk about combat, I'll be at the field tomorrow evening or you can always send me an email. Attached is an old email with plans and suggested parts. HeadsUpRc recently changed their web site, so those links no longer work, but you can get an idea of the parts we are using. The old Bell Shaped motor that most of us originally used is no longer available anywhere that I can find. I'll try and do a little more research to find a cheap replacement. UFO Members, Here's the details of the little electric combat plane I brought to the meeting tonight. I plan to build a few them for anyone to use. I have lots of Lowes Fan Fold Foam board that you can have if you want to build one. I will build one for you at the piece cost if you want me to. They only take a few hours to build, so there is lots of time to make one or decide if you want one. We can wait until the planning meeting until we decide who wants what... I found the design on and I've attached the plans.

  I used the following parts: 2408-21 Brushless Motor $9.95

  The ESC I used is not available any more, but something like this should work. $14.95

2 TP-SG90E Servos 2 * $3.95

  Receiver (Spektrum Clone from HobbyKing)

Again the one I have is no longer available but this would work - $5.95

Batteries: Lipo 2 Cell 1000 mAh $9.95

Some tape, wood dowels, misc parts... Maybe $5.00 total This puts mine at about $50 total.. Cheaper setups are available Like this where the total would be closer to $35. ESC/Motor/Servo Combo: $24.70

Batteries: Lipo 2 Cell 1000 mAh $4.45

The United Flying Organization would like to announce an event at the Signal Seekers RC Club. They are hosting the "Airshow for Autism" Saturday June 23, 2013. The event is from Noon to 4PM but the gates will open at 10AM for early flying. For more information read the .PDF file describing the event, or visit the Signal Seekers website.

This is the link to the flyer.