Field Rules

>    No flying before 10 AM (except Electrics & Gliders).
>    You must be solo-qualified to fly without an instructor present. Visitors must have a current AMA card and a UFO member present. All UFO members have the right to ask for current AMA cards and refuse to permit anyone to fly without one.
>    Transmitters and receivers are to be narrow-band. Pilots will complete a ground check of radio and aircraft before flight.
>    Frequency allocations will be on the Pin System with a 15-Minute Maximum time when two or more pilots are on the same frequency. Transmitters are to be kept in the Impound when not in use. Antennas are to be extended only when flying.
>    All engines must have mufflers.
>    Flying while intoxicated is strictly prohibited. Use of alcoholic beverages is discouraged at the flying site.
>    No flying west of the flight-line. Pilots will not fly in a reckless or careless manner so as to endanger anyone.
>    When starting engines in the Pit Area, make sure the aircraft is secured with the propeller pointed away from spectators.
>    A maximum of (4) four flyers is permitted to fly at one time.
>    Do not taxi in the pits! Guide aircraft to the flight-line by hand. When flight is completed, taxi to the flight-line and shut engine down.
>    When there is more than one aircraft aloft, please fly upwind over the runway and downwind over the tree-line east of the field.
>    If you are flying at above-average altitudes, be sure to have a spotter at your side to warn you of low-flying full-scale aircraft.
>    Pilots or helpers retrieving aircraft on the runway should call out loud and clear “Man on the Field”.
>    A landing aircraft has the right-of-way over any aircraft taking off
>    A “Dead Stick” aircraft has the right-of-way over all others.
>    When an engine goes dead in flight, shout “Dead Stick” loudly several times to warn others of the impending landing.
>    Pilots of gasoline powered model engines must have a usable fire extinguisher in the Starting Area.
>    Please clean up the table and remove your trash, when necessary upon leaving for the day.
>    Please lock both gates OPEN when arriving at the field, (This is a D.N.R. requirement). The last one to leave, please LOCK THE GATES AND IMPOUND for the day.
>    Pilot Area: There are four fenced in pilot zones. USE THEM AT ALL TIMES!
>    Hand-launching:  When ever possible, have a second member launch your aircraft.
>    Hand-launching should be done outboard of the north and south flight stations.

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