Sunday, September 27, 2020

"Scare in the Air" inter-club event, UFO vs Signal Seekers, Sept 26, 2020

Saturday Sept 26, 2020, was a very memorable day that will be long remembered by many. On that date, 14 (7 per side) of the finest flyers in the State of Michigan fiercely competed for the 10th time for the famous "Scare in the Air" inter club trophy. Flying skills and emotions were on the highest levels as the lead changed 3 times prior to the final event, the famous "egg bomb drop." The UFO members heroically rose to the occasion and dominated this event by taking 1st thru 6th places. The much honored "Scare in the Air" trophy thus changed hands once again, and will be proudly displayed by the UFO for the entire coming year. 

I would like to thank Scott, Greg and Bill for helping me with this memorable event. A special thanks also goes to Jim for the fantastic job he did as "Chef" in preparing the feast we all shared together. Pictures are provided, below, so that we can relive this memorable day over and over again in the future. Please note the extreme emotions on many of the faces, a clear indication of the importance of this day in both clubs history.  

Rick Sawicki

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